Your Workplace journey starts here

Harbor is the only enterprise platform that lets you manage, monitor, and pull actionable insights from Workplace.

Be the Captain of Your Workplace

Harbor provides the governance, insights, and intelligence to ensure your company makes the most of its Workplace journey.


Connect Workplace with your other applications

Automatically manage users and create groups from G Suite, Microsoft and other databases or platforms, based on your company settings.


Track, manage, and report on content

Automatically analyze written and visual content to gain insights into trends, topics, and employee sentiment so you can take action and make sure that your employees are complying with company policies.


Build custom reports based on your business needs

Create a wide range of reports, from usage stats to post sentiment, employee lifecycle data, and individual user information, to measure what's important.

Why you will love Harbor for Workplace

Harbor analyzes Workplace content, conversations, and trends to provide you with critical insights and business intelligence.

Harbor For

IT & Compliance Captains

Ensure compliance and risk management by enforcing the correct administrative rights, detecting "red flags" and suspicious behavior, and automating alerts and corrective actions.

Connect Harbor to your existing applications, like G Suite or Microsoft, to quickly and easily setup users and groups.

Save time and minimize mistakes by automatically creating groups and assigning user permissions based on custom rules.

Harbor For

Human Resources Captains

Spend less time onboarding new hires. Automatically add them to the right groups so they can quickly get up to speed.

Detect negative, sensitive, or offensive content, text, or images and alert moderators in the case of potential company policy or confidentiality violations.

Identify subject matter experts to better leverage the talent within your organization.

Create alerts that let you know who should be in which group.

Harbor For

Chief Captains

Workplace is a goldmine of collective intelligence. Make sure that it’s put to good use.

Get advanced reports to constantly improve the benefits you get from Workplace within your organization.

Discover informal networks and get the insights you need to design a better organization.

Harbor For

Communications Captains

Identify trending topics so you can stay one step ahead.

Use collective intelligence to develop key messaging that you can leverage in your agile communication plans.

Discover subject matter experts who can act as powerful brand ambassadors.

Ready to set sail?

Anchors aweigh! Guide your organization through the insightful seas of Workplace.