Build powerful business applications with Google Cloud Platform and Revevol

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offers a wide range of cloud-based services including storage, data management, machine learning, and analytics to exponentially improve productivity and accelerate business growth with its scalable, smart and cost-effective technologies.

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Accelerate growth and minimize costs building high-performing business applications with Google Cloud Platform

Process limitless amounts of data

GCP automatically scales to let you build fast, high-performing business applications. Business use cases that were not possible or economical with traditional infrastructure are easy with Google’s technology.

Quickly and cost-effectively create new apps

Cloud Platform services allow for the quick development of agile proof of concepts. Code, deploy and go: your app is live. Better yet, you only pay for what you use. Scale quickly and cost effectively!

Make your data intelligent and leverage AI

Want to analyse, visualize and quickly process your data? Build machine-learning models? Create chatbot interfaces for your users? Google’s range of cloud services and AI-first strategy has got you covered!

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Revevol’s Google Cloud Platform Expertise

App Engine

The best way to build highly scalable web or mobile backends in Google’s infrastructure


A fast and very scalable cloud data warehouse to monitor and analyse your company’s data


Easily process, extract and transform your data

Cloud Functions

A completely serverless computing platform to connect all GCP services

Cloud Storage

Cost-effective, efficient storage for your files and data in the cloud

Machine Learning APIs

Machine Learning without a team of PhDs thanks to Google’s APIs and services

Skyrocket with Google Cloud Platform & Revevol

Develop cloud applications with business impact

With GCP managed services, building and deploying business applications has never been so quick and easy. Create agile, secure applications to grow your business and reduce costs.

Easily analyse and understand your data to create value

GCP has all the data services you need to analyse, transform and present your data. Your teams can focus on creating value instead of worrying about infrastructure problems.

Train and support your development teams on GCP

We know how it works! Our certified cloud architects and developers train and support your team throughout the project. They help you to build the best strategy and leverage these cloud services the right way.

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Use Google Cloud Platform to improve your daily business


Free up your employees to work on projects that add real business value and let chatbots manage the time-consuming tasks. Integrating chatbots with business tools, like SAP, HR systems, and AODocs, is an easy way to automate processes.

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Advanced Reports

Securely process and visualize huge amounts of data across your company. Build insightful reports and take the right decisions to grow your business and better serve your customers.

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Logistics Management

Harmonize and automate logistics processes across your company’s sites around the world with a monitoring platform that lets you manage on-site logistics operations.

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Mobile Apps

Reduce development time and costs when creating your business' mobile apps, take advantage of mobile features, like push notifications, and allow deskless users to quickly share information

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Indoor Mapping

Use external sensors to create a virtual map of your plants and offices with real-time room availability and employee office locations. Save time on routine maintenance with user and resource calendars that are 100% integrated with Google Workspace.

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Talent Acquisition

Build a scalable platform on top of GCP to manage recruiting processes with an administrative back-office, workflows, validation, and an user-friendly interface.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Develop innovative IT solutions that capture data from sensors and devices to increase efficiency.

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IT Integrations

Create cost-effective business apps that seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics, and JD Edwards, so you can centralize all your content and data in one place.

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And more!

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Why Revevol

Revevol, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, began its GCP journey in 2012 with Google App Engine and now has hundreds of applications running on the platform. Revevol's experience building 100% of its cloud-based products on top of GCP has given it unique, cutting-edge expertise with GCP.

With a thoughtful combination of dynamic Cloud Platform capabilities, our team of experts, composed of developers, architects and data scientists, can analyse your current processes, workflows and business applications to advise on and implement the improvements that you need to allow your organization to work more efficiently. Our experts combine the right GCP services to quickly deliver a successful proof of concept and an easy-to-use custom solution.

Together, we build powerful, agile business applications

Our products

With Google Cloud Platform, Revevol’s products leverage the same infrastructure that supports and Gmail to give their users unparalleled performance.

Business apps and document control for seamless compliance

Quality Management reinvented

Ensure your adoption of the digital workplace

Build Web Apps from Google Sheets

Run email campaigns with Gmail

Turn form submissions into personalized files

Design, Play, Engage!

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